Chicano Legacies of Fresno County is dedicated to gathering, collecting and safeguarding the oral histories of persons involved in the Chicano Civil Rights Movement around the Fresno County region. We are invested in uncovering neglected and silenced voices of those activists who fought on the front lines from the CSO era till the early 1980s. We believe that the Central Valley, although a hotbed of social justice activism since the early twentieth century, has traditionally not attracted historians and scholars. CLFC is a team composed of activists and scholars who not only have an intellectual interest in Chicano oral legacies, but who also have deep roots in the Valley and Fresno County as second, third and even fourth generation Fresno County Chicanos. We welcome all those who were involved in the Chicano Civil Rights Movement to contact us, so that your story, or the story of your father or Abuela may be set down for history and our coming generations. Our history, their history, your history, is important to the Chicano experience—your voice matters.


The short Chicano Legacy of Fresno County documentary first shown at CLFC seminar at Fresno City College, Nov. 4, 2017. Made possible by a grant from the California Humanities.

Mexican-Origin People and Fresno County

Mexicans have been and continue to be a large presence in the Central Valley and Fresno County history and culture. From the 19th century till today successive waves of Mexican immigration have added to the rich ethnic diversity that is now Fresno County.

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Call for Oral Histories

We all have a story. We are all part of the greater human drama that is American history, and specifically, American Immigration History. If you or anyone in your family was involved with El Movimiento Chicano or has another rich history to tell, please contact us. Simply click the Contact link and send us a note.

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Donations to Keep Our Work On-Going

Our work is furthered by two things, our team's passion for Mexican/Chicano history and charitable donations from supporters like you. No matter how large or small your kind donation, you will be donating to an endeavor that matters today, to yesteryear and the future. Be part of our team to ensure the history of Mexicans in the Fresno Area is recorded and passed on to future generations.
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